Month: June 2015

The Humility Principle

It’s a common problem, especially in smaller companies—the source code is littered with grand ideas which never went anywhere.  These abandoned sections of the code were, of course, written with the best of intentions.  They were placed in high-level libraries

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Snippet – ToXmlDocument and ToXDocument

ToXmlDocument and ToXDocument Extension Class The other day I found myself working with a XDocument and needed to convert it to a XmlDocument. The best way I found was to make an Extension Class with ToXmlDocument and ToXDocument. Now it

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Interview Notes – The Four Fundamental Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts

From time to time I find myself in the hiring process. Over the years I have collected a series of Question and Answers. They are my go to notes when I am either interviewing or being interviewed. Just thought I

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Snippet – Resize Images

Resize Images Move often than not, an image is not the size it needs to be for the intended use. Here is one of my standby snippets to resize images.

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Snippet – Auto Restart Windows Service

Auto Restart Windows Service on Rebuild You don’t have to stop and start your service manually with each rebuild. Yes if you have installed your service from the bin folder, then a stop is necessary before you can rebuild. But

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Knowing Less is Better

Sometimes knowing less is better. I am not talking about keeping yourself ignorant to stay out of trouble. I am in reference to a Principle known as The Law of Demeter(LOD).

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