Author: Steven Doggart
Steven is a senior software engineer with experience developing stable, mission-critical applications for the public-safety market since 1998. He has been awarded the highest level as a Trusted User by his peers on StackOverflow. He is the author of Herding Ocelots, a blog aimed at providing help to software development managers.

The Humility Principle

It’s a common problem, especially in smaller companies—the source code is littered with grand ideas which never went anywhere.  These abandoned sections of the code were, of course, written with the best of intentions.  They were placed in high-level libraries

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The Nonconformity Principle

Interchangeability is a common goal for those of us who are OOP developers. When we create new classes, we often try to design them with simplified public interfaces which make them interchangeable with other classes which serve similar purposes.  In

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You may not like regular expressions. If so, you’re not alone. Many developers avoid RegEx like the plague. I don’t blame them; regular expressions can be very cryptic and confusing, especially to decipher. While they can easily be abused, I

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